People First Fundraising Solutions offers workshops on sustainable Fundraising Plans to attract and maintain loyal, passionate donors.

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Funding Sources

1. Grant Making Foundations

  • How to identify, understand and building relationships and obtain support with private, public and community foundations

2. Tapping into the Corporate Sector

  • How to build mutually beneficial partnerships to enhance fundraising sustainability with corporations, businesses and service clubs

3. We need the money yesterday

  • How to create an urgent fundraising appeal

4. Seeking Approval

  • How to identify and understand funding sources including developing a funding proposal template



5. ABC’s of a Fundraising Campaign   

  • How to plan, build and manage any type of fundraising campaign

6. Stewardship  

  • How to work with your donors to build on their passion for your cause

  • Sustainability – transform donors into stakeholders

7. Getting your story straight

  • How to create a compelling ask


8. Starting your donor base from scratch

  • How to build a loyal and passionate donor base.

9. Marketing your story